Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally, a POST!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. And people have been worried about me. A lot of things have been happening. Mark and I have finally moved out of our wee tiny trailor and into a big house! Yes, a house of our own and a mortage of our own too. Praise the Lord!!!

Also, we have a little Bunny called Mocha! She is very cute. She enjoys eating veggies and thinks that they are candy. Now it is our turn to get healthy. HAHA

If you live near by and are bored...come to our house...we will find something for you to do right quick. We live on a 1/2 acher and have a lot of things to clear away. HEHE

We love you bunches....


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A new HOME for us!

Five years ago, Mark and I moved into a small trailor in a quiet trailor park. Soon after we moved in we got a letter in the mail telling us that we were going to be evicted in ONE month. Well, five years later, we are still in the same trailor. For years we did not hear anything from the people that owned the trailor park. All we knew is that they wanted to get out of the trailor park business.

When we moved into our trailor, the people that own the park did not advise us not to move into the trailor park. We were frustrated because six months later they tell us that they want to evict us. Trust is what we did. We trusted in the Lord to take care of us and all of our concerns. We wondered where we would live next, but never heard anything until about 4 months ago.

Four months ago we were told that the trailor park was going to be bought out. They told us that we were going to be visited by HUD housing and that they were going to help us move etc. Recalling all of the frightening stories, we were slightly concerned until we were visited by someone representing the county to let us know exactly what was going to happen.

Well, they appraised our trailor and the cost of the move and added 60 months or variable difference. He gave us an approximate dollar amount that we would recieve and we thought that was wonderful. A couple of weeks later, the guy called back and told us that we would recieve more than double of our first estimate. Praise the LORD!!!! We were so very excited.

Well, after we found out that we had money for a better down payment, we went looking for a new home! We found a house that we really liked on a 1/2 an acher of land with three bedrooms and a gigantic shed type thing. It more than 100 years old and needed some fixing up. We were told what the owner wanted and we thought that they guy was out of his mind. Well, he lowered his price by30,000 dollars and now we can tell you that on February 2, 2006 we will be the owners of a NEW HOME! Praise the Lord. Mark and I are very excited to start fixing up our house. We have a lot of ideas and if you live near by we are probably going to invite you over to help us paint some walls. HEHE!!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!!


Friday, December 30, 2005

Thoughs on War

Tonight a co-worker asked me if I saw the movie Hotel Rowanda. I told him that I did and that I cried during the movie. I also explained that when this was going on I was in college and much of the media hid what was really going on. So I never really understood what really happened until I watched the movie. It wasn't until I watched the movie that I understood why our country would ever want to help another country. Looking back at what happened in Germany so many years ago and seeing countries killing their own people does not make sense to me.

We have so many freedoms in this country that we take for granted. It was not granted to us...many people died for the freedom that we have. I think about how much STUFF I have in my house that I don't think much about. What about a person in Africa that has to travel 300 miles to get to see a movie or even go to a store. What would I be doing if I lived in Africa? Would my life be better? I wouldn't have to pay taxes, but would I be happy? I don't know.

I do know that I am thankful for all that God has given me. I am most thankful for my loving family that raised to to know what is right from wrong.

So, when I think about the Rowandans today I see how our country could have helped them more. I am glad that we are in Iraq. But I do think that we should have gone a long time ago when things started to get bad. I believe that we do not know enough about what is going on and the government knows so much more than the media ever lets us know. I praise God for a Christian president. God bless President Bush.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Home for Christmas

Mark and I spent Christmas weekend with my parents. We had a joyous time. There were 19 people that gathered at my Aunt and Uncle's house. It was a lot of fun. Of all things we ended up playing Bingo! Bingo of all things. I haven't had so much fun in so long! My long lost cousin brought it with her. I am so glad that I am getting to know my cousin. Praise the Lord. She was given up for adoption a long time ago and found us when she was about 30. She is a Christian and had a beautiful personality. I am so glad that God has let us get to know one another. I don't know what I would do if I was adopted? Would I want to see my birthparents or not? I don't know. I guess I would when I was older. I think that it would be confusing to know if I was a child.

My family has many traditions. The church that I grew up in still sings in Swedish on Christmas Eve. It is beautiful! I love the candle light service and being able to listen to the pastor tell a story. All of the people that come to church for Christmas and Easter were there. They were all enticed by what the pastor had to say. It is a wonderful experience. I enjoyed talked to the kids that were in my sunday school classes from years ago. They are all grown up. One is serving our country in the military. A very handsome man and another is getting married. WOW! I feel so old.

Christmas with my parents is not about the presents at all. It is about being together. Visiting people is the best part of it all. I enjoyed visiting some friends from high school. Seeing people from my past is a lot of fun. Seeing the impact that we have made on one another is amazing to see over the years.

A friend has come to me in help because they were depressed about loosing their mother. I felt honored that they would tell me their thoughts and feelings. That is what friends are for and even over the years of not always being in contact...this e-mail things had brought us close to one another once again. Praise the Lord for that.

I thank the Lord for all the good things that he has given me. I praise God that Mark has a wonderful job. I pray for our future and all the things that we will have to endure to move into another home. Please pray for us.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Off for Three Weeks

Yes! I made it through my first term! Praise the Lord! By getting through my first term I am encouraged that I will be able to get through all the rest. I got through my class of Christian Worldview. The class was all about Philosophy. It was a very tough class for me because I am not a very deep thinker. Though the class was very hard, I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and I think that I know a lot more than I started. But, the more I learned, the less I really know about things. Thinking about why I believe what I believe and finding my reasons was very important and it was MOST valuable.

Through my other class I learned about my family and why I am the way I am. I was able to interview five of my relatives and build something called a genogram. A genogram is much like a family tree, but it has a lot more information about your family than birthdates and places. It was very valuable and I will never forget what I have learned. I believe that this experience has only helped to build my faith stronger.

Well, I hope to see you during Christmas. I can't wait to give you a hug. I love and miss you all.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Please PRAY!

Please pray for my old friend Scott. This will be his first Christmas without his mom. I am going to visit him over the holidays. Pray that I recieve wisdom on what to say and what not to say. Thank you so much for your support.


Thursday, December 08, 2005


1. Mark has been blessed with a wonderful job. Praise the Lord

2. We have been evicted from our home. Our house was estimated at more than we paid for. We are now looking to buy our first HOUSE. God is so good. Pray that we wait for God's timing.

3. I am struggling in my philosophy class. My professor has cancelled the final. Praise the Lord.

4. My supervisor wants to give me a promotion. Help me to learn to wait and be patient.

Through our hardships over the past 5 months the Lord has blessed us in our patience. We never really worried where the money was going to come from. We were provided all our needs. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!