Tuesday, December 28, 2004

How Was Your Christmas?

"How was your Christmas?" is a popular phrase this time of year when going back to work. What exactly does that mean? How are you suppose to answer that? Do you grade your Christmas on how much you get, or on if you fought with your relatives? "How was your Christmas?" I did not even know that Christmas was suppose to be ours.

I don't know how many times I have been asked that question. I don't know how to answer that? I would rather be asked, "Where did you go to spend Christmas Day?" or "What did you have for dinner on Christmas Day?" I would then tell them about how I celebrated Christ's birth.

I believe that we need to give Christmas back to the Lord. We have taken it and destroyed much of what Christmas is. A lot of people when asked, "What is the Christmas Story?" they think of the movie, Santa Clause, or even the Grinch. It has become commercialism and a gigantic birthday party of gifts for us. But what about who was born on Christmas? Do we think about why there is a Christmas celebration?

This Christmas I did not buy as much as I usually buy for my relatives. I am tired of video taping every gift that is opened. It is becoming a real drag of faking expressions so that it can be captured forever on tape, only to collect dust on a shelf and never watched again. Opening gifts is NOT my favorite thing about Christmas.

My favorite memories of Christmas is on Christmas Eve at home with my parents. I enjoy waking up to Christmas music filling the house. The house is full of wonderful smells of pumpkin pie and preparations for dinner the next day. The house is full of love and care. On Christmas Eve we always go to a candle light service at a small Swedish Church. Being with friends and sharing Christ's love with one another as we pass the light of Christ from one another is the total meaning of Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. I see friends that I have grown up with and some older friends that have prayed for my my entire life. Seeing them always brings cheer and warmth to my heart. That type of love is Christ's love.

When someone asks you, "How was your Christmas?" how are you going to answer them?



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