Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Inward Exposure

Part of a sermon from Pastor Joe
1. God enters into the darkness
A. Were you ever afraid of the dark? Are you afraid of the dark? What makes the dark scary is being alone in it. We need somebody bigger than us; somebody wiser; well, let’s face it, somebody braver than us to take charge of the monsters under the bed, or those creepy, skinny arms with long, "I’m goanna getcha" fingers whose shadows we see on the wall when the moon shines through the branches of the tree out side our bedroom window on a windy night. "Come on covers, don’t fail me now."
B. While I was still young enough to scare myself, and millenniums before Monsters, Incorporated came out, my dad did some remodeling in our house and I was moved to an upstairs bedroom with a tree outside the window. Now before that remodeling, the upstairs wasn’t used so I’d already delegated it an empty, formless mass cloaked in darkness (at least at night anyway).
C. On the night I was extracted from my downstairs room and escorted to the "dark tower" my parents rehearsed for me all the reasons why I shouldn’t be afraid. It’d didn’t work It wasn’t philosophy I needed, but presence Sooo0000oo, for the first few nights my dad came upstairs and slept by my side, and then one night while I wasn’t looking he slipped out from under the covers and went downstairs. And low and behold, his presence did the trick: all the monsters left and were never heard from again. And remember that skinny arm with the long, gotcha fingers? It turned out to be only a tree after all. I’ll betcha my dad was relieved.
D. Genesis 1:2 says that "The Spirit of God was hovering over (the earth’s) surface. God entered into the darkness; he hovered close to the formless mass of the empty earth, and Jesus went with him
(1) God is not afraid of the dark, neither the natural dark, or the Devil’s dark.
(2) Right from the beginning God has loved his creation up close; he has never been aloof,
(3) In the beginning he entered into that primeval darkness with intention. And his intention was light, and life and filling the emptiness with all that he planned to speak forth.
E. "And God said, let there be light, and there was light." At the breath of God, the darkness flees; especially when his breath gives life to words.


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