Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thoughts From Lawyers

Were we robbed because we didn't hear the real Thanksgiving in school? Thanksgiving started by a prayer that George Washington prayed.

There are not many Christian lawyers and journalists. Is it because Christian parents stopped sending their children to school for it?

Why do we have what we have going on in this country? Did we just let it happen? Didn't we fight? Did we get scared?

Scripture was quoted more often in government. Now it is all about luck without God's hand.

Who were the least religious founding fathers? They were Franklin and Jefferson. Did you know that Jefferson opened up church in the Capitol Rotunda? Did you know that Jefferson wrote his own Bible. He just liked to do things his own way when it came to religion.

Our Constitution was written for Biblical people being governed by the Holy Spirit.

People in France did not want to foster any religion in their constitution. France now wishes that they could say God Bless France like we Americans can.

Are we compartmentalizing our lives? We need to be involved in voting, in school boards, etc. and to stop saying that we can not do anything.

The Ten Commandments are what our Constitution was founded upon. Are we extinguishing the flame?

Bad facts make bad law.

Is secularism a religions?

The Supreme Court was not to be a legislative brance. They took the power and nobody is stopping them. Whatever they say is law. Congress has the power over the Supreme Court.

We need to be involved or NOT complain.

Be who you are and show your beliefs.

Evolution is being taught in our schools. It is sometimes taught as fact. It is a theory, not a fact.

Today, the Supreme Court is like a temple.

We serve the lawmakers, they don't serve us. It is all corrupted and twisted.

Have these thoughts made you think?



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