Monday, November 14, 2005

Julie Ann Got an Interview by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

They must have read this blog entry that she wrote:

Good News

Praise God, Kara Borden has been found, and is safe and sound in the hands of authorities.
The two were spotted in Indiana, and David Ludwig lost control of his car after a brief chase.

Of course, the two of them have blogs, but I won't link to them here, since there's no point -- the national news has been giving the URL's out all day.
But being the rubber necker that I am, I stopped by and read some of the sicko comments that individuals have been leaving for them.
Most of the ones to David are, um, a bit hostile in nature. Most them wish him long suffering in Hell.
And most of the ones to Kara and prayerful and hopeful in nature, sympathetic that her parents are dad.

One blog struck me, though, because it was so harsh. It was posted by a Christian, but it was terribly un-Christian.
It said, basically, that this is why the Bible tells children to obey their parents, and regardless of whether or not Kara was directly involved, her parents' blood is on her hands, because she didn't obey them.
In other words, it is her fault.

It made me really damn mad. We don't yet know if she was a willing participant or not, but if she WASN'T, then this is no way to treat a kid who has been through more than any of us can even imagine. This is the kind of screwed up attitude that makes all Christians look ridiculous and judgemental, and turns people away from Jesus.
Yeah, she should have obeyed her parents. But you know what? Most kids rebel, at least a little bit. I think our God is big enough to handle teenage rebellion. And I think He understands teenagers better than anyone -- certainly better than the jerk who left that comment.
I don't believe for a second that God is sitting up there going, "Well, stupid, that's what you get for disobeying your mom and dead! Now I'm going to let them get murdered!"

If that's the God that commenter serves, then count me out. I want nothing to do with a God that deliberately harms children for making mistakes.

And as for David, what he did was terrible. He has ruined his life, and the lives of many other people. It was an evil act, but I was upset reading his "burn in Hell" messages, just as I was upset reading that jerk's comment to Kara. There is nothing God's forgiveness can't cover, even for a murderer. It may not be a popular sentiment, but my Bible tells me it's true, and I believe it. I don't know how a gangly teenage boy can turn into a cold-blooded killer, but it doesn't change the fact that he was somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody's friend. He was and still is a life, made valuable by the fact that God created Him, and his absence in this living world (since he will likely spend the rest of his days behind bars) will be felt by others, and they will hurt because of it. It's easy to villify people. I guess David Ludwig has villified himself, he doesn't need any help from the general public. And I'm sure that if I were one of the innocent victims left behind, it wouldn't be nearly as easy for me to say all this. I can admit that upfront.

But I hope I COULD say all this. I hope that who I am is now founded enough on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ, that I could see beyond the killer to the young man -- boy, really -- who likely fell in love and very stupidly threw away his own life and ended the lives of others in exchange for something that would have been youthful and temporary.
Look, I work with teenagers. I used to be one, not so long ago. Take it from me -- teenagers can be profoundly stupid. They have tunnel vision and they get very fixated on certain things, especially romance. I remember when I was a child, my older brother twice stole my parents Ford to drive to Virginia to visit a girlfriend. He was young and an inexperienced driver taking to some major highways. It was dumb. When he got home, my parents nearly hanged him. Teenagers... not always the brightest bulbs in the box, my friends. But that's due to naivete and a lack of experience.

Even so, as I said, I don't know how a stupid teenage boy goes from being just a stupid teenage boy, to a murderer.
But I hope people will remember that he is loved by many heartbroken people, and that God created Him, and that he didn't have the benefit of age and wisdom.

At the end of this difficult and eventful day, there may be no excuse for David Ludwig. (Or maybe even Kara Borden -- we shall see.) But there is certainly hope for him, because we serve a Savior who paid the ultimate price, so that He wouldn't have to.
And that's hope for all of us. By His wounds, we are healed. His blood has made us white as snow.

It's an amazing paradox.

By Julie Ann Fidler


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