Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A new HOME for us!

Five years ago, Mark and I moved into a small trailor in a quiet trailor park. Soon after we moved in we got a letter in the mail telling us that we were going to be evicted in ONE month. Well, five years later, we are still in the same trailor. For years we did not hear anything from the people that owned the trailor park. All we knew is that they wanted to get out of the trailor park business.

When we moved into our trailor, the people that own the park did not advise us not to move into the trailor park. We were frustrated because six months later they tell us that they want to evict us. Trust is what we did. We trusted in the Lord to take care of us and all of our concerns. We wondered where we would live next, but never heard anything until about 4 months ago.

Four months ago we were told that the trailor park was going to be bought out. They told us that we were going to be visited by HUD housing and that they were going to help us move etc. Recalling all of the frightening stories, we were slightly concerned until we were visited by someone representing the county to let us know exactly what was going to happen.

Well, they appraised our trailor and the cost of the move and added 60 months or variable difference. He gave us an approximate dollar amount that we would recieve and we thought that was wonderful. A couple of weeks later, the guy called back and told us that we would recieve more than double of our first estimate. Praise the LORD!!!! We were so very excited.

Well, after we found out that we had money for a better down payment, we went looking for a new home! We found a house that we really liked on a 1/2 an acher of land with three bedrooms and a gigantic shed type thing. It more than 100 years old and needed some fixing up. We were told what the owner wanted and we thought that they guy was out of his mind. Well, he lowered his price by30,000 dollars and now we can tell you that on February 2, 2006 we will be the owners of a NEW HOME! Praise the Lord. Mark and I are very excited to start fixing up our house. We have a lot of ideas and if you live near by we are probably going to invite you over to help us paint some walls. HEHE!!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!!



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